Distant Energy Healing - 30 minutes.

$ 30 USD

Please make sure you will have 30 minutes undisturbed time available for this healing session.

Dream Interpretations

$ 20.00 USD

Make sure to add all details of your dream.  Including animals, how you felt in the dream, people etc. to make an accurate interpretaion. 

Face Readings

$ 20 USD

I would need a current picture of your whole face.  

Medium / Psychic Readings- 30 minutes

$ 30 USD

Readings may be done by email, phone or Facebook chat. Please make sure you have at least 30 minutes of undisturbed time alloted for this. 

Angel Card Reading

$ 10 USD

This is a 3 card reading.

Tarot 3 Card Reading

$ 10 USD

You ask 1 question that I ask the cards, and draw 3 cards for you.



Judith Young